DIY Inspirations

by teamarcella

Yes, new trends are revealed daily. And yes, we love to shop for the newest look, but we also love to save some bucks. So, here are some new fashion trends, straight off the runway, that are easy DIYs.

1. The scallop cut. Use an old pair of shorts and cut the bottom in a funky “scallop” shape. Any material is good to cut. And don’t shy away from leather – it’s a hit all year around.

2. The cuffed roll. Grab a pair of shorts and roll the bottom. Do the same thing with your favorite jeans and color pants. No cutting necessary.

3. The applique design. Get glue, scissors and your choice of appliques. Glue the appliques to your jacket (like above) or bottom of shorts, skirt, even a dress. Cut along the applique design and voila.

4. The acid look. Bleach, bleach, and more bleach.

5. The chic beanie. Dig out your winter hats and add some runway to them. Use glue or sew a piece of netted veil onto the hat.

xo, Moda.Mode