Keri Levitt Communications

by teamarcella

During our NYC visit last weekend we also had a chance to check out Ann’s (our lovely host) workplace. She is a PR Assistant for Keri Levitt Communications. Pretty impressive right? Learning about what she does on a daily basis and seeing all of the things in the showroom was an amazing experience. We of course wanted to share the pics with our darling readers! Enjoy!

The Keri Levitt Communications showroom.

Ann showing us some dresses from the Ali Ro collection. Loving this lime green one! You can buy your own right here!

Checking out the amazing Ali Ro jackets. I’ll take one in each color please!

Beautiful cashmere collection by White + Warren. Wish you could feel how soft all the pieces were!

How awesome are these pants?

Amazing pieces from the Carol Marie jewelry line.

Peep these sexy luxury slippers by Jacques Levine. Get your own pair here.

Loving each and every one of these Hat Attack hats. They need to find their way into our closets, don’t you agree?

The board of places they have been featured in. Pretty cool right?

Checking out all of the magazines that their clients have been featured in. There are tons!

She only has the view of the Empire State Building from her office, no biggie! Thanks so much Ann for showing us around!

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xo, Moda. Mode