DIY: Rhinestone Chain Bracelet

by teamarcella

I was inspired to do this DIY chain after I saw it on another blog. I think its amazing, kind of reminds me of something I would see at J.Crew. It came out great and I’m obsessed, plus it’s super easy to make. All of the supplies can be found at craft stores, I got mine from Michaels. Here are the steps so you can DIY:

You will need: Pliers, a chain, jewelry string, a rhinestone chain, a clasp, and scissors

Measure the chain to fit the size of your wrist. Double the chain and tie the string to the top (leave some space to attach the clasp) Cut the rhinestones to size as well.

Hold the rhinestone string in between the two chains. Begin weaving the string over and in the chains attaching the rhinestone chain to the gold chain.

Continue this all the way down, pulling tightly to secure the rhinestones. Once you get to the end, tie a double knot. With the leftover string on top, tie the clasp to it and cut the excess string off.


A stylish bracelet in a matter of minutes! What are you waiting for? Go DIY!

xo, Marcella