What’s in Your Closet?

by teamarcella

Doesn’t every girl want a closet like Carrie Bradshaw’s? A super spacious walk-in equipped with shelves that are stacked with Louboutins? Yes, every girl’s dream. Unfortunately, I’m dealing with a way smaller space at home (and minus the Loubs). But I’m making it work.

I’m an absolute neat freak. I even sort of color-code my wardrobe. I also have a boxed shelving unit that I purchased from Target a while back (I used it as a make-up dresser when I was an undergrad). It fits perfectly into my closet and saves me so much space – I don’t have to hang up my jeans, pants, cut-offs.

Peep it:

Space is kind of tight, so I keep my coats, fur vest, and a few other delicate pieces on a separate rack (also from Target).

xo, Tea

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