DIY Final Product: Sequin Clutch

by teamarcella

I finally finished the sequin clutch! It was a much bigger challenge than the carry-all pouch but it was still a fun project. Didn’t come out PERFECT, but maybe I will give it another shot. Check out the pics so you can DIY!

Get your materials ready.

I got all my materials at Joann Fabrics and of course used the go-to 40% off coupon which saved me a lot of money.

You will need:

1.fabric that compliments the sequin colors


3. zipper (color of your choice)

4.thick thread that matches the sequins

5. sequin rows (about about 3 1/2 yards) usually runs from $4.99-9.99 a yard depending on style


Measure and cut the fabric to preferred size

Get the needle & thread ready

Begin sewing the sequins onto the fabric by hand (this is the hard part)

Continue sewing the sequin material in rows (you can either cut the ends or continue the fabric, whatever is easier for you)

Keep sewing until the entire fabric is covered

Yay! The hardest part is over. These last steps work best with a sewing machine (not impossible by hand though)

1.Fold the clutch in half (inside out) and attach the zipper

2.With the clutch still inside out, sew the remaining two sides

3. Reach inside the clutch and flip it the right way so the sequins show, and voila!

I think I may add some more sequins in a brighter gold color to make it pop a bit. Like I said before, not perfect, but im still happy with the outcome. What do you think???

xo, Marcella