Shop Sosie: Review

by teamarcella

A couple of days after I blogged about Shop Sosie, I ordered the Sahara sun sweater dress. I absolutely fell in love with the colors, the tribal-type print, and the sexy V-cut in the back. And the price was right up my alley. I finally got it today in the mail.

Peep it:

Sometimes clothing comes off a bit different online than in person. Purchasing something you haven’t seen or felt, it’s almost like you’re taking a risk. But hey, it’s a thrill at the same time. A perk about this dress: the color is different. Online the color looks more red to me. In person, it’s darker, almost burgundy. Also, the fit of the dress seems very snug on the model (model wears a S). When I put it on, the bottom is a bit loose (I purchased a M) – wish it was a bit tighter around the legs. I do love how soft it is though. The material is exactly that of a soft, warm sweater. It’s not scratchy or fuzzy. Overall, I like it – it’s edgy and different. But I don’t know if it’s still love at first sight.

xo, Tea

One more thing: if you decide to order from Sosie, check to see if they have to preorder your item. This dress is a preorder sale only (meaning it isn’t in store; they have to order it, then ship it). The dress took about two weeks to arrive.