Month: November, 2011

Feature Friday: Anisa

Meet Anisa Canic. This 19-year-old cutie pie, currently a law student, is fluent in Serbo-Croatian, English and Dutch. She is also working at a fashion department store where she has helped style people. And check this: Anisa is sharing her fierce style with us all the way from Rotterdam, Netherlands! We love it.

Peep her usual Friday fit & accessories:

Shirt: basic white boat-neck shirt, H&M

Bottoms: black straight-leg chinos, H&M

Jacket: grey leopard print blazer, H&M

Shoes: peep-toe heels in nude, New Look

Watch: all gold women’s, GUESS

Bag: pale pink wallet-size clutch, Pieces

xo, Moda.Mode

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Born to Thrift: Weaved Belt

Don’t you just love accessories that make an outfit? I know I do. I bought this dark blue weaved belt a couple days ago at a local thrift shop. It’s fashionable with a big gold link at the end, and it hugs my waist perfectly. And get this: it was fifty cents!

Peep it:

I think it will look fabulous paired with simple outfits. I might even throw it on over my birthday dress.

xo, Tea

Super Bass on Ya Nails

Your nails got another thing coming. Sassy female rapper Nicki Minaj has collaborated with OPI Nail Lacquer. OPI will be selling six new nail polish colors inspired by Nicki’s funky, bright & eccentric style.

Left to Right:

Fly (Smurf blue), Did it On ‘Em (Shrek lime green), Metallic 4 Life (charcoal sparkle), Pink Friday (Barbie pink),  Save Me (multi rainbow glitter), Super Bass (dark purple shatter)

My nails have been steel gray for weeks now. I think I’ll be switching it up with the pops of color (and I’m digging the bubblegum pink). The Nicki Minaj for OPI Nail Lacquer Collection ($8.50 each) will be on sale in January 2012. Mark your calendars and be ready to have Nicki at your fingertips.

xo, Tea

DIY: Rhinestone Chain Bracelet

I was inspired to do this DIY chain after I saw it on another blog. I think its amazing, kind of reminds me of something I would see at J.Crew. It came out great and I’m obsessed, plus it’s super easy to make. All of the supplies can be found at craft stores, I got mine from Michaels. Here are the steps so you can DIY:

You will need: Pliers, a chain, jewelry string, a rhinestone chain, a clasp, and scissors

Measure the chain to fit the size of your wrist. Double the chain and tie the string to the top (leave some space to attach the clasp) Cut the rhinestones to size as well.

Hold the rhinestone string in between the two chains. Begin weaving the string over and in the chains attaching the rhinestone chain to the gold chain.

Continue this all the way down, pulling tightly to secure the rhinestones. Once you get to the end, tie a double knot. With the leftover string on top, tie the clasp to it and cut the excess string off.


A stylish bracelet in a matter of minutes! What are you waiting for? Go DIY!

xo, Marcella

What’s in Your Closet?

Doesn’t every girl want a closet like Carrie Bradshaw’s? A super spacious walk-in equipped with shelves that are stacked with Louboutins? Yes, every girl’s dream. Unfortunately, I’m dealing with a way smaller space at home (and minus the Loubs). But I’m making it work.

I’m an absolute neat freak. I even sort of color-code my wardrobe. I also have a boxed shelving unit that I purchased from Target a while back (I used it as a make-up dresser when I was an undergrad). It fits perfectly into my closet and saves me so much space – I don’t have to hang up my jeans, pants, cut-offs.

Peep it:

Space is kind of tight, so I keep my coats, fur vest, and a few other delicate pieces on a separate rack (also from Target).

xo, Tea

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Feature Friday: AJ

Meet AJ Soares. Currently working in Washington, D.C., this fly guy doesn’t let his work attire hold him back from expressing his personal style. He loves spicing up his outfits by pairing new and thrifted items together. Isn’t the bowtie amazing? Not something you see everyday.

We approve. Check it out.

Pants: Ross, $27

Shoes: Aldo, $50

Bowtie: Men’s Wearhouse, $20

Vest: Urban Behavior, $27

Shirt: Men’s Wearhouse, $27

Blazer: Thrifted

xo, Moda.Mode

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DIY: Gold Plated Sweater

I recently came across Runway DIY – a website all about DIYs inspired by runway fashion. They featured a gold plated sweater dress similar to Stella McCartney’s very own design. Apparently, all you need is an old sweater and spray paint. I dug up a beige sweater out of my closet, then hit up JoAnn Fabrics last night for gold spray paint (Krylon Premium 18kt. Gold Plate $5.99). I picked the metallic kind. It’s sassy.

I asked for spray paint that’s good for fabric; this one says wood, metal, plastic, etc. But an employee told me it should work on fabric as well. We’ll see. I’m excited to see how this sucker turns out. I’ll keep you updated!

xo, Tea

Feature Friday: Ciara

Meet Ciara Lee. Currently living in PG County, Maryland, she’s an undergrad at UMD. At 21 years young, this pretty lady already has a real estate license under her belt.  Ciara also does kick-ass fashion photo shoots in her free time. Can we say beauty & brains? But this busy bee doesn’t let her extracurricular activities interfere with her unique style & wardrobe.

Peep her usual Friday fit and key pieces:

(She tells us she was inspired by our Wrap It Up post!)

Sweater: beige 3/4 sleeve sweater, Urban Outfitters, $10

Bottoms: black leggings, Target, $9

Shoes: 4in. buckle heeled boots, Rugged, $16

Head wrap: silk leopard print scarf, her mother’s own

Accessories: ring – mother’s, bracelets – Vanity $20 & stress power band, earrings – Beauty Supply

Watch: Michael Kors, $310

xo, Moda. Mode

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DIY Final Product: Sequin Clutch

I finally finished the sequin clutch! It was a much bigger challenge than the carry-all pouch but it was still a fun project. Didn’t come out PERFECT, but maybe I will give it another shot. Check out the pics so you can DIY!

Get your materials ready.

I got all my materials at Joann Fabrics and of course used the go-to 40% off coupon which saved me a lot of money.

You will need:

1.fabric that compliments the sequin colors


3. zipper (color of your choice)

4.thick thread that matches the sequins

5. sequin rows (about about 3 1/2 yards) usually runs from $4.99-9.99 a yard depending on style


Measure and cut the fabric to preferred size

Get the needle & thread ready

Begin sewing the sequins onto the fabric by hand (this is the hard part)

Continue sewing the sequin material in rows (you can either cut the ends or continue the fabric, whatever is easier for you)

Keep sewing until the entire fabric is covered

Yay! The hardest part is over. These last steps work best with a sewing machine (not impossible by hand though)

1.Fold the clutch in half (inside out) and attach the zipper

2.With the clutch still inside out, sew the remaining two sides

3. Reach inside the clutch and flip it the right way so the sequins show, and voila!

I think I may add some more sequins in a brighter gold color to make it pop a bit. Like I said before, not perfect, but im still happy with the outcome. What do you think???

xo, Marcella

Born to Thrift: Polka Dot Top

Wearing polka dots is risky, but fun. You just gotta know how to rock it the right way. I thrifted this royal blue and white polka dot button-down by Liz Claiborne a few weeks ago for 3 bucks. The shirt is in top notch condition; the color isn’t faded and all the buttons are there. It had shoulder pads, but I cut them out.

I haven’t worn it yet. When I do, I think I’d throw it together with something similar to this:

Usually my wardrobe isn’t this loud, but I just had to have this in my closet. Pick out fun things when you shop for new clothes, and wear something that you normally wouldn’t.

xo, Tea