Another Dose of DIY

by teamarcella

I recently stumbled upon this stylish sequin clutch from Zara, but I refuse to pay $60 for something that I can make myself, and you can too! I am sometimes a bit hesitant when it comes to sequins because they can be overwhelming sometimes, but this wallet/clutch is perfect. It is definitely a step up on the difficulty scale from my first project but im always up for a challenge.

I love the simplicity of it, yet it’t not something you see everyday. My plan is to sew the same type of clutch as my 1st DIY project. I will then buy some sequin rolls (not the loose kind) and sew them in rows by hand. It will be time consuming but of course worth it in the end. I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress and give step by step instructions in case you want to do it yourself!

xo, Marcella