Shop Sosie

by teamarcella

If you’re into shopping online, definitely check out Sosie. Anything and everything is available, from romantic evening dresses to those popular push-locket bracelets. Their style is sort of a mix between H&M and FreePeople, simple and earthy, with a few funky pieces.

A few of my own Sosie favorites:

Sahara Sun Sweater Dress, $39

Cropped Denim Shirt, $36

Chiffon Blouse, $35

Mini Pleats Maxi Skirt, $43

I personally haven’t shopped Sosie, but prices are affordable. The Sahara sweater dress would look bomb paired with a pair of chunky heels and tights. Might be perfect for my birthday outfit, unless I fall in love with a different look. If the dress gets a place in my closet, I’ll post about the customer experience, sizing (if true to size), delivery status, etc. And of course I’ll post a picture of me in it. Happy shopping!

xo, Tea

Psst.. Something else that Sosie offers: a blog! Run through their blogroll for a few fashion profiles and clothing reviews.