Month: October, 2011

Feature Friday: Nakuma

Meet Nakuma Kenyi. This African beauty is queen of vintage finds at the nearest thrift store. She’s currently an undergrad at VCU studying Criminal Justice. This future lawyer might be dedicated to her future, but she certainly takes time to grace Richmond’s campus with her sophisticated & sassy style. We love it!

Her usual Friday fit & key pieces:

Sweater: burgundy knit, Goodwill, $3.50

Top: denim button down, Goodwill, $5

Shoes: brown suede lace-up wedge, Rugged, $13

Tights: gift

Watch: gift

Belt: brown, skinny, Goodwill, $.25

xo, Moda.Mode

Psst… Want more of Nakuma? Peep her personal blog and get a load of her ultimate fashion favorites!


Hello CoverGirl

I was THIS close to buying MAC’s Violetta amplified lipstick the other day but decided to wait. Glad I did, because today on a quick trip to the grocery store, a huge sale sign in the cosmetic aisle caught my attention. Up to 50% off? I’m in there.

COVERGIRL’s LipPerfection LipColor lipsticks are the newest signature shades by CG. I had previously purchased #300 Flame and fell in love. The bright color just spoke to me.

So, for $5.99 each, I picked up two more shades today:

Left: #300 Flame

Middle: #330 Divine

Right: #365 Enchantress

I’ve already worn the Flame shade, and love it. It’s creamy and long-wearing. Plus it goes on super easy. Just a delightful color and texture altogether. I can’t tell you how many shades CG offers: browns, nudes, deep reds, bright pinks, etc. And the price? Perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I go fancy for MAC and YSL lip shades, but hey, experimenting with make-up from your local grocery shop is a good look as well. And it saves you coins.

xo, Tea

Another Dose of DIY

I recently stumbled upon this stylish sequin clutch from Zara, but I refuse to pay $60 for something that I can make myself, and you can too! I am sometimes a bit hesitant when it comes to sequins because they can be overwhelming sometimes, but this wallet/clutch is perfect. It is definitely a step up on the difficulty scale from my first project but im always up for a challenge.

I love the simplicity of it, yet it’t not something you see everyday. My plan is to sew the same type of clutch as my 1st DIY project. I will then buy some sequin rolls (not the loose kind) and sew them in rows by hand. It will be time consuming but of course worth it in the end. I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress and give step by step instructions in case you want to do it yourself!

xo, Marcella


My hatred for my eyelashes has grown stronger over the years. They are short and stick straight out so it basically looks like I dont have any lashes at all. I have probably tried every single mascara you can find in the Target makeup section and then some. About six months ago I came across a sample set of Dior mascara and decided to shell out the extra bucks and try it. I absolutely fell in love with the Diorshow Blackout mascara and refuse to use anything else. It really works wonders for my lashes. It adds length, volume and curls my lashes too.

Depending on where you buy the mascara, prices range anywhere from $20-25. It is definitely a bit more than the average $7 or $8 spent on mascara, but it isn’t an outrageous price either. It will last a long time and you will definitely get your money’s worth. Im convinced that this is it for me and my search for the perfect mascara has finally ended. If you decide to try it let me know what you think!

xo, Marcella

Tip: Try Diorshow Blackout Waterproof in the summertime for a flawless look that won’t run in the heat or water.

Affordable Chanel?!

You know the name. You know the logo. Yet you walk away because you’re not about to spend your rent money on a small piece of this trademark label. What a headache designer clothing and its price tags can be.

Karl Lagerfeld, however, wants to make it a little easier for the  “everyday yet still fashion conscious audience.” He’s totally talking about me. Lagerfeld is launching a new daytime/evening Chanel line on Jan 25, 2012 – featuring lots of denim and LBDs. The women’s collection called “Karl” will include 100 pieces at Zara clothing prices. For a timeless, yet chic look? Not bad in my opinion. So mark your calendars, peep the gear and couture yourself.

xo, Tea

Feature Friday: Ann

Meet Ann Nguyen. She’s currently doing her PR thing with Keri Levitt Communications in New York City. No matter how crazy busy her days can get in the Big Apple, this gorgeous girl has her Friday look down. She’s an absolute doll!

Peep her usual Friday Fit & key pieces:

Top: white lace blouse, Forever 21, $14.95

Skirt: hi-lo cut skirt, Random boutique in NYC (Lower East Side), $19.99

Shoes: Black leather lace-up wedge, Aldo, $110

Watch: Michael Kors Men’s Chronograph in rose gold, $250

Necklace: Francesca’s Collection; $4o

Belt: Vintage

xo, Moda.Mode

Psst… Ann graces our blog with her stylish Friday look. And so can you! What’s your typical Friday outfit like? Show us how you stand out at work, or what you are comfy yet trendy in. We want to see and feature you! Email us:

Unordinary Fashionistas

Magazines, celebrities, and high-end department stores may give me a weak spot for fashion. But when it comes to my very own style, I mostly get inspired by regular people, like you and I, with super fly style who dare to be different.

Here are three blogs of three beautiful ladies with three different kick-ass styles:

goshdyme – A lipstick rocking mama who embraces her curves with a thrifty, yet edgy look

Melodious Style – A fashionista with a very simple, girly & romantic style

Teff The Don – A fly chick who isnt afraid to mix bright colors and off-the-wall patterns

All three girls represent fashion & style in different and unusual ways. I applaud these chicks for wanting to experiment and stand out in a crowd. I recommend you to peep their blogs, pick up on some of their fashion tips and get inspired!

xo, Tea

PSA: Protect Yourself

As the weather gets colder, this disease is easier and easier to contract. Protect yourselves.

you’re welcome.

xo, Marcella

Shop Sosie

If you’re into shopping online, definitely check out Sosie. Anything and everything is available, from romantic evening dresses to those popular push-locket bracelets. Their style is sort of a mix between H&M and FreePeople, simple and earthy, with a few funky pieces.

A few of my own Sosie favorites:

Sahara Sun Sweater Dress, $39

Cropped Denim Shirt, $36

Chiffon Blouse, $35

Mini Pleats Maxi Skirt, $43

I personally haven’t shopped Sosie, but prices are affordable. The Sahara sweater dress would look bomb paired with a pair of chunky heels and tights. Might be perfect for my birthday outfit, unless I fall in love with a different look. If the dress gets a place in my closet, I’ll post about the customer experience, sizing (if true to size), delivery status, etc. And of course I’ll post a picture of me in it. Happy shopping!

xo, Tea

Psst.. Something else that Sosie offers: a blog! Run through their blogroll for a few fashion profiles and clothing reviews. 

Plain & Simple

I went to check out the Richmond Folk Festival tonight. It was a perfect Fall evening and I wanted to be comfortable but still look chic. I had on a plain outfit and spiced it up a bit with some accessories. My outfit was pretty simple (boyfriend jeans and a leotard) before I paired it with a long vest, and a belt. I also pulled my hair into a sleek bun to finish up the look.

Boyfriend Jeans-Urban Outfitters, Flats-BCBG, Watch-Michael Kors, Bracelet-Garnett, Belt-H&M, Vest-H&M, Leotard-American Apparel, Clutch-Handmade, Necklace-Vintage