Finally Fall Fashion: No Need for New Wardrobe

by teamarcella

I always swear up and down that summer is my favorite season. I love going to the beach with my girlfriends and a case of BL2s. I love tanning. And I absolutely love backless dresses and cropped tops that show off bandeaus. Yet I was too excited that my outfit on Saturday consisted of thick thigh-highs and over-the-knee boots. It’s been quite an eventful summer for me, and I had the pleasure of experimenting with different trends and styles; hence I wore a crap load of cut-offs. But who says I gotta throw them out for the colder weather?

Going through my closet, I decided to leave a few essential pieces for my fall wardrobe:

Like mentioned above, my many pairs of denim cut-off shorts. I’ll most likely be pairing them with tights and a pair of wedged lace-ups or classic, bad-ass motorcycle boots.

Button-downs. I’m keeping all the fall-ish colors: deep burgundy, tan, browns.

Maxi dresses. I haven’t even worn all the ones I bought for the summer. Pairing a dress with some thick stockings, a sweater and wedged boots can totally be a fall look. Maybe I could even continue the tradition of tying a knot at the bottom of the dress for a more fashionable look.

Strappy wedges. Will be worn with tights as well. I’ve never tried the sock & sandal look, but hey, this season might be it.

Cropped tops. Throwing a chunky sweater over top should keep my tummy and back area warm.

Bandeau bras. Get a pair of high-waist pants (or velvet leggings), throw on a thick wrap-around sweater – making sure the bra is showing, and some fun chunky boots. Perfect fit for going out with my girlfriends.

Denim jackets. I really don’t care if there is a snow storm outside. Layering your denim jacket over an all-black ensemble (such as thick black leggings, black turtleneck tucked in, and perhaps a wool scarf) can give your leather jackets a run for their money.

Denim in general. I’m leaving all of my jeans and denim button-downs. They are a major go-to item. Every single season.

Doesn’t sound like I did any major “cleaning out my closet” damage. Maybe I’m just being an overall believer in saving money for the season. What I did get rid of though are all the colorful print tops I’ve collected since the Spring – mainly thrifted them. As much as I love pops of color, this fall will have a more classic black, nude, tan look.

So yeah. Reuse and work with what you already have. You can turn any piece of clothing into a new one with a minor change or addition. Shout out to the people who do not have to go out and splurge on a complete new wardrobe for next season.

xo, Tea